The American Bar Association’s Legal Guide to Fashion Design Edited by David H. Faux, P.C.

About The American Bar Association’s Legal Guide to Fashion Design

Fashion design is a tough business. You’ve spent years developing skills in the art and execution of apparel, and now you need to protect and market your creations. The American Bar Association’s Legal Guide to Fashion Design is the authoritative handbook you need to make your way through creation to copyright to clothing store.

Each chapter contains a general roadmap for one phase of the fashion design business:

  • Trademark Creation
  • Trademark Protection
  • Copyright and Fashion
  • Design Patent
  • Internet Law
  • Forming Your Business
  • Funding in Fashion
  • Employment Law

Included in each chapter and on an enclosed CD are the relevant forms, agreements, and contracts for that phase of production or sales, from model runway releases to nondisclosure agreements for manufacturers to sample trademark applications. Written by experienced lawyers who work closely with fashion designer clients, this Legal Guide to Fashion Design is the inside guide to the process of taking an idea and creating and selling a product, perfect for entertainment and intellectual property lawyers; art, design, trade, and law schools; and burgeoning artists with an idea, in need of a guide to get them to inception.

What Others are Saying...

"What a great book for everyone in our industry, especially young designers who are just starting out. These pages contain an enormous amount of valuable information, which is presented in very concise and easy to understand language. For those of us who are in the fashion design business, this book deserves a permanent spot on your desktop."

-Nanette Lepore, designer

"This book provides a detailed and practical understanding of the legal issues that apply to running a successful fashion company. The American Bar Association's Legal Guide to Fashion Design is a must-read for designers and executives of both big and small brands. It offers real expertise needed to compete in the global market."

-Steven Kolb, CEO, Council of Fashion Designers of America

"A must read resource that joins the creative process with the ever complicated business/financial one. The book gives designers a rare opportunity to stay ahead of the curve while building their business. It should make its way into many industry hands."

-Daniella Vitale, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Executive Vice President, Barneys New York

"We didn't create a field of fashion law for lawyers, we created it for designers and this ABA volume resonates with that spirit of helping designers to reap what they sew. The Fashion Financing chapter alone is an invaluable interdisciplinary resource."

-Professor Susan Scafidi, Founder and Academic Director, Fashion Law Institute